We are engaged in providing "comfort", "peace", "luxuriance", "warmth" and "kindness"getting to our customers' hearts and hoping to create our products inspiring our customers to say "Thank you".

We all are doing our best efforts to deliver the message of peace and kindness to the busiest people who remember that they have forgotten something important, and to become the company sending excitement to our customers continuously. Honyaradoh in future will continue to grow up with our staffs and our customers.

We aspire to become a public company, which is required by? society.

1. Joy of customer is the first, convenience of our organization or? staffs is the second.
2. Our criteria (lingua franca) are based on excitement of our? customers.
3. Our contribution to our customers and society is our source of joy and?of power.

We pursue our uniqueness.

1. Our concept and materials are given by magical power of nature.
2. We send out our products which embody wisdom of Satoyama in Japan, an Asian country.

?*Satoyama…Lower mountain area closed to village. The people are? living?together with nature there. It is the reservoir of various animals and? of?local history or culture.

Our staffs try to achieve self-actualization.

1. Our staffs improve each forte only in depth.
2. Our staffs work hard only for themselves, not for the company organization.

Our company should be the network of honest, aggressive and fighting?professionals.
Our staffs never like
- speaking ill of others
- rumor or boast
- faction
- swarming

We continue to challenge and to innovate.

They say that Thomas Edison failed 6,000 times to innovate an? electric?bulb.
We never call such failures as “failure”. We highly? evaluate as “6,000?times of challenge”